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Where to stay

If the hotel lifestyle leaves you a little cold, check out our selection of unique luxury and family apartments.

Make your stay in Edinburgh comfortable, cozy and memorable in one of these hidden gems. 

It's like moving your home to the heart of Edinburgh, with a personal welcome from us.

Hidden hideaways

Our selection here provides a choice of staying right in the bustling centre of the City, or in some of more secluded areas bordering the untamed hills.

Either way, you still get 5-star treatment. These residences include pick-up and drop-off at Edinburgh airport, a friendly welcome and help settling in, and inside local knowledge of where to go and what to see.

Where to go

See our guides of the paces to go and things to see - and if you are staying in one of our listed apartments you will also have our intimate knowledge of the City to draw on.

After a night out, there's nothing quite as nice as coming back to a place that really feels like home.

A personal welcome

Finding a really nice holiday let in a good location can be a lottery.

We deal directly with the owners and provide the services for our featured apartments, so we know they won't disappoint.

We don't use computers to select these apartments. We do it the old-fashioned way - by looking at them regularly.